We are Grateful for a Loyal Community!

We would like to thank New Orleans, and especially the Bywater Community for continuing to make Bokah Bikes flourish. Please take a look at some of our best customer reviews and stories below!

Thank you Amanda Ballon for such a sweet testimony! Your Vintage bike is still one of our favorites:

When it comes to vintage bike restoration you can’t beat Bokah. To Andy and Micha this isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. The knowledge they have about vintage bikes make this not only a fun experience but an informed one. The quality of work is consistent and unmatched. Receiving individual feedback and interacting with the two of them on a person level sealed the deal for us, which is why we keep going back. I mean who needs four bikes!! We will continue to support this business as they have become not only salesman but friends!!!!!!




A Huge thanks to: Sang Nguyen, pictured with his bike below, for an incredible testimony! We enjoyed serving you!

I really wanted a bike to spend more quality time with my wife and daughter. The Bike search is a massive undertaking. Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Hybrid, foldable bike and E Bike ect.. I went to the Big Box Stores that sell bikes. My daughter saw one she like and $300 dollars later she was smiling. $200 dollars later my wife was smiling however I didn’t see what I really wanted. My search continued. I ended up in New Orleans at a bike shop I saw some nice road bikes but with my dwindling budget and not seeing what I really wanted I was gonna settle for a bike. The salesman was very patient and Helpful he told me don’t rush and make a impulse buy. I’m so glad he said that. I told him I needed to go to the Bank to get cash. I would return and buy a bike from him.( I was settling for the bike because he was a great salesman and I knew the service would be worth it in the long run ) I leave the shop and drive to the bank and when I return to that area I could not find the bike shop. Well I see some beautiful old Bikes out side on a side walk and I immediately stop. This is what I was looking for!!! I was so excited, this felt right! I walk in Micah was very helpful he explained the in’s and out of how Bokah works. He was very accommodating and patient and helpful to me. Andy was working in the back on a bike, Micah asks him a question and he came over and was just as accommodating and helpful. I paid for my bike upfront no questions asked. I knew they were quality guys and my bike would be quality. They haven’t let me down at all. They stand behind their vision of a happy customer with a piece of Vintage steel. I love my Bike. So me and the wife and daughter rode together and I told my daughter I would buy her a Bokah Bike and she smiled her Big Box Bike didn’t last one month. The big box store returned my $300 and we went to Bokah and now my daughter has her very on Bokah Bike. She is all smiles and we have put some serious miles behind us. If I had to guess I have close to 1,000 miles on my Bokah Bike!

Also some of my Great Friends have joined the Bokah Family. We are Bokah Strong.. you won’t be disappointed if you buy from Bokah.

5 Stars on Google!

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